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Your one-stop shop for Health, Safety & Transportation Compliance

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Building a thriving business in the health and safety industry was an unexpected accomplishment for Samuel Elkins. Originally from the Maritimes, he moved to Peace River 15 years ago and worked at the local pulp mill.

At the time, he considered himself a forester by trade, and changing career paths

wasn’t something he initially planned on doing.

“This all started by chance. I was asked to put together a health and safety program for a contractor while working at the pulp mill, and it quickly grew from there. I finally pursued it full time in 2010 when it started competing with my day job, and I haven’t looked back,” said Elkins.

Elkins’ goal was to do something unique in the industry, and it’s safe to say Strategic HSE Systems Inc. achieves that. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from transportation compliance and occupational health testing services to health and safety business solutions

and business development. They look after safety, so companies can look after their businesses.

The Strategic HSE team works with 30-40 clients within many different industries including the forestry, oil and gas and trucking sectors.

“There really isn’t anyone else offering what we offer. We truly are a one-stop shop, and I feel like we’re leading the way in what we’re doing,” said Elkins.

Originally running the business out of his basement, Elkins has expanded to an office space

on Peace River’s West Hill. Elkins says the new space has already made a big


“I can separate work from home now, and it feels so much more professional. Plus, our contractors utilize it, and it’s a great place to meet and work with clients,” said Elkins.

Elkins’ team is made up of contractors who work alongside him to bring his

vision to life. They help him provide top-notch services to his growing list of clients. To him, his team is like a family. They are all working toward the same goal, and they use each other’s strengths to bring out the best in one another.

“My team really is awesome. They are all experts in their own divisions, and I’m lucky to have them onboard with me as we continue to grow and expand,” said Elkins.

On the roster he has his wife, Saphire Elkins, the Executive Assistant who manages schedules and communications within the business.

Angela Lavoie is the Program Development Manager and handles client program development needs such as policies, procedures and manuals.

Lisa Schneider is the Field Operations Safety Manager and is responsible for developing, implementing and managing the safety management system for clients.

“When I first started, I didn’t always know what I was doing, but I’ve grown to appreciate the whole process. We are a close-knit bunch here,” said Schneider. “The connections I’ve made

with clients have been amazing, and I look forward to each day.”

Kent Russell is the Business Executive Facilitator and has extensive knowledge in business development including sales, joint venture facilitation, auditing, client relations and project management.

Trish Russell is the National Safety Code (NSC) Compliance Coordinator and is responsible for providing high-quality, compliance-based services to the trucking sector and logbook auditing for clients.

Sarah Shaw is the Transportation Compliance Manager. She brings experience from law enforcement, transportation and safety to the Strategic HSE team.

Last, but not least is Rylee Armstrong, the Marketing Manager. She is the guru behind graphic design and marketing for the company.

“Growing with this team has been a breeze, and I’ve loved every second of it. They did an amazing job at calming my nerves in the beginning, and I’m beyond happy to be a part of this

family,” said Armstrong.

Having an extensive team of qualified and enthusiastic individuals allows Strategic HSE Systems to implement unmatched customer service to their clients. For Elkins, having clear expectations in place right from the start gives them the opportunity to create successful relationships with clients from Day One.

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