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Transportation Compliance

Elevate Your Transport and Occupational Safety with Strategic HSE

Strategic HSE is dedicated to enhancing your transportation business's compliance, safety, and efficiency. Our expertise in Transportation and Occupational Safety, combined with our use of AI dash cams and ELD devices, positions us uniquely to offer data-driven, compliance-based solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Compliance and Efficiency

Confidence in Compliance & Operations

We understand the nuances of industry regulations and provide services that ensure confidence in operations and compliance with current legislation. By partnering with industry leaders, we offer the best technology for compliance, improved fleet safety, efficiency, and reliable business analytics.

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Safety and Your Insurance Costs

Did you know that 75% of your insurance costs are tied to your loss history and anticipated losses? Proactively addressing the factors that drive price and coverage can significantly impact your insurance program. With Strategic HSE handling these aspects of your business, you are ideally positioned to benefit from more favorable premium rates.

That's why we have partnered with CMB Insurance Brokers to provide a one-stop solution for insurance and safety solutions. This partnership allows you to actively address safety and risk, unlocking a top-tier insurance program. Our experience has shown that CMB frequently offers not only more competitive premiums but also has helped many clients who were previously underinsured, improperly insured, or completely uninsured for their current scope of work. Remember, your actions today define your security tomorrow.

Our Compliance Services

Digital Record Keeping

Acting as your virtual filing cabinet, we maintain all legally required records, ensuring they are updated monthly.

Driver and Vehicle Documentation

We handle your compliance with the National Safety Code, managing driver and vehicle files, and tracking expiry dates.

National Safety Code Policies

Development and updating of essential safety and maintenance policies as per legal requirements.

National Safety Code E-Learning

Inclusive training for your staff on critical topics like Hours of Service and Cargo Securement.

Pre-Audit Preparation & Driver Log Monitoring

Assisting in audit preparations and providing comprehensive monthly reports on driver logs.

ELD Configuration Assistance & IFTA Services

Support in managing Electronic Logging Devices and handling IFTA reporting and filings.

Carrier Profile Monitoring & Accident Reviews

Regular reviews of your Carrier Profile and assistance in the event of accidents.

Monthly Compliance Reports & Client Document Portal

Detailed compliance reports and access to a dedicated document portal for ease of document management.

We're Here For Your Safety

Work with us to not only meet but exceed industry standards in safety management. With Strategic HSE, you’re investing in a future where safety and efficiency drive your business success.

To learn more, call us at 1-877-441-7732 or email We look forward to supporting your transportation safety needs and helping you achieve a superior insurance program through enhanced safety practices. We eagerly await the opportunity to partner with you and redefine safety management together.

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Our Partners In Compliance

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