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Our Valued Partners

Partnerships are essential to Strategic HSE Systems Inc. They help us expand our reach, leverage expertise, and deliver comprehensive services. By collaborating with industry leaders and innovators, we stay ahead of trends and regulations, ensuring effective solutions for our clients. Together, we promote safer, healthier, and more sustainable workplaces.

DATS Digital Action Tracking System

For over 10 years, we have partnered with DATS to implement a comprehensive, affordable, and intuitive SMS software platform that can work offline in remote worksite settings. We have the experience and know-how to make the transition and implementation smooth, resulting in a scalable and practical online SMS program. We can also develop and customize a digital form with automatic filling capabilities in a stand-alone form or integrated within the online SMS program. Learn More


Samsara Connected Operations Cloud

Samsara improves the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy by providing a consolidated platform and ecosystem. With real time GPS tracking and visibility, managers gain insights to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. Proactive maintenance alerts prevent costly breakdowns, while robust analytics support data-driven decision-making. Samsara prioritizes safety and compliance through driver behavior monitoring and regulatory adherence. Additionally, the integration with other business systems offers a unified view of operations. The inclusion of live feed AI dash cams further elevates Samsara's offerings, providing managers with real-time video insights into driver behaviour and road incidents for enhanced safety and risk management. Ultimately, Samsara equips fleet managers with the comprehensive tools and technologies needed to improve operational performance, reduce costs, and ensure the smooth and efficient management of their fleets. Learn More


CMB Insurance Brokers

Get customized insurance solutions that meet your unique business needs through CMB Insurance Brokers, a trusted partner of Strategic HSE Systems Inc. With a focus on simplifying the insurance process for industries including Transportation, Construction, Forestry, and more, CMB offers in-person, proactive client care, dedicated and experienced service teams, and policy choice and advice. Their reliable and results-driven team, led by Brock Clement, strives to solve problems related to inconsistent pricing, sub-standard service and claims handling. Contact CMB Insurance Brokers today to experience hassle-free insurance purchasing and management. Learn More

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Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation LTD.

Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. (CCR) is an award winning joint venture company owned by the Tŝideldel First Nation and the Tl’etinqox Government. Their focus is to coordinate and implement large scale forestry programs and initiatives within their traditional territories to provide sustained economic opportunities for their communities and to ensure the long-term sustainability of their traditional forest land-base. CCR is recognized as an innovative organization - a catalyst that creates new economic opportunities and was honoured with the BC Achievement Award in 2023 for Business Partnership of the Year. They are leaders in the forestry sector, with a proven reliability to carry out large-scale forest rehabilitation work. Learn More


Conveys Design & Marketing

Conveys is a design & marketing studio located in Peace River, AB, eager to provide the best quality creative services to their clients. Their goal is to produce clean, purposeful designs focusing on quality customer service. Clients vary from small business start-ups to well-established corporations. Creative services include Digital Marketing, Graphic Design & Website Design. Learn More

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Empowering Our Clients

Strategic HSE Systems Inc. has the vision to empower our clients to operate with confidence in a healthy, safe, productive, and compliant manner. Our team of professionals respect our clients, providing the utmost professionalism and focus to meet their needs. Together, we can make a world of difference to your working world.

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