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Partnering with Elevated HR

Fractional HR Management. But elevated.

Expert human resources support tailored to your business needs, available on-demand.

It’s perfect for start-ups and scale-ups seeking flexible, professional HR solutions to drive growth.


Comprehensive HR Audits

Comprehensive HR Audits review an organization's HR policies, procedures, and systems for compliance and effectiveness.

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

Elevated HR will make the recruitment process simpler by posting, screening, following up, completing references and closing the loop. 

Policy and Procedure Interpretations

and Overhauls

Offering support for your organization with cutting edge strategies that set your organization apart.

Support during Termination Processes

Elevated HR augments and supports your HR initiatives specific to how you like to operate.

Expertise in HR Legislation Interpretations

A deep understanding of employment laws and regulations, enabling accurate and compliant application in organizational policies and practices.

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Chief Visionary Officer | Elevated HR

Michelle started Elevated HR back in 2010 with a complete disgust, for well, HR. And business. But that’s what propelled her in a relentless career to make work suck less. The truth is she knows work will suck at times – there is missed communication, dropped deadlines, projects that seem easy at times, but then take a wild turn. But that doesn’t mean that for the most part, systems and processes can make it easier.


As Chief Visionary Officer and HR Partner, inside the business Michelle is responsible for leading us in product management, client experience, employee experience, marketing, finance and, well, pretty much everything. Externally, you’ll find Michelle networking, meeting with new clients, overall sales, designing project plans and then handing them over to our team for execution.


Michelle has taken the approach that she can’t advise companies on how to build strong cultures unless she’s doing it herself. As such, many of her stories and ideas have been generated from failed attempts and ultimate successes right here at Elevated, which she regularly uses as an incubator for new and novel ideas.

Michelle is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a DISC Certified Facilitator. In addition, she is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

Contact Michelle

Phone: 1-587-316-6340


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