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Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate Renewal Deadline - June 28, 2022

The deadline to renew your Safety Fitness Certificate is fast approaching and we want to make sure you don’t miss it! Commercial carriers that obtained their certificate prior to March 1, 2019 had until February 28, 2022 to renew their SFC. The government of Alberta had decided to extend the renewal deadline to June 28, 2022, which means commercial carriers only have 5 days left to renew their certificate or risk losing their ability to operate legally in Alberta.

What is a Safety Fitness Certificate?

A Safety Fitness Certificate allows commercial carriers to legally operate in the province of Alberta. Commercial Carriers are professional service providers who own one or more commercial vehicles that transport goods or passengers. The need to secure an SFC in Alberta is based on three (3) factors; Where you operate within or outside of Alberta, the registered weight of the vehicle or trailer, and the seating capacity.

Carriers with registered commercial vehicles must obtain an SFC for the following:

  • A truck or trailer, or any combination of the 2, with a registered weight of 11,794 kg or more, operating solely within Alberta

  • A truck or trailer, or any combination of the 2, with a registered weight of more than 4,500 kg that is used (or intended to be used) to transport goods on a highway outside of Alberta, including farm-plated vehicle(s)

  • A commercial vehicle originally designed for carrying 11 or more persons, including the driver, that is used (or intended to be used) for the transportation of passengers

Renewing your Safety Fitness Certificate

Carriers that fail to renew their SFC before the June 28, 2022, deadline, will have their certificate cancelled and won’t be able to legally operate in Alberta. If your SFC certificate has expired, you will need to re-apply and may be required to complete the Pre-Entry Program for commercial carriers.

The cost to renew your Safety Fitness Certificate is $110, and the certificates are issued for a 3-year term.

Click here to fill out the online Alberta Safety Fitness Certificate Renewal Application.

If you wish to view your Safety Fitness Certificates, receive renewal reminders, and other notifications and letters regarding your SFC, click here to visit Alberta Transportation Online Services.

Transportation Compliance with Strategic HSE Systems Inc.

Our dedicated staff at Strategic HSE is here to help with all your Transportation Compliance needs including Safety Fitness Certificates. If you have any questions regarding the SFC renewal process, reach out and we'll connect you to our Transportation Compliance Manager to help get the job done.


For more information on Safety Fitness Certificates, visit:


Sarah Shaw

Transportation Compliance Manager

Over the past 12 years, Sarah has worked in various industry, consulting and government relations positions. These jobs have ranged from Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance transportation officer, Alberta Transportation NSC auditor to an independent mechanical inspector in the log hauling industry.

Sarah joined our Strategic HSE team in

January 2021 as Transportation Compliance Manager with a wealth of law enforcement, transportation and safety experience. Her background also includes developing and implementing safety and maintenance programs.

Sarah is a 2004 graduate of the Police Academy (law and security program) at Holland College in Prince Edward Island. She also completed the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program at Lethbridge College in 2009.

Her strong background in the commercial transportation sector makes Sarah a great asset to our team.

Contact Sarah:

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