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Introducing DATS – Digital Action Tracking System

What is DATS?

DATS (Digital Action Tracking System) is a web-based application that can help your company implement a variety of management systems, but what does that mean exactly? To put it simply, their online platform offers an assortment of services including reports and investigations, personal management, inspection modules, pre-work hazard assessments, observations modules, and much more. For Strategic HSE, DATS is our go-to platform for managing our client accounts.

At Strategic HSE, we utilize DATS to keep our client’s information organized. Our new General Manager, Angela Lavoie, who is a long-time user of DATS, expressed her appreciation for the online management system; “We use it for organizing safety tickets, tracking tasks, and keeping track of what training is needed for certain jobs. Anything that you would have in a paper file, I put into DATS.” Once the information is added into DATS, our clients can review the information and take action if needed. It also simplifies our audit process by having everything organized and in one place.

On top of the variety of features DATS offers, they also provide Customer Coaching and Ongoing Support. Their Software as a Service (SaaS) business model is built entirely around maintaining very high levels of customer satisfaction. Their coaching begins during the set-up, training, and initial launch; however, the ongoing help and coaching truly lasts for the entire duration of your time with DATS.

Scott Chisholm – DATS President & Systems Architect

“When I first met Samuel Elkins, he was a Continuous Improvement Coordinator for our first major forest products company, and he had some lofty requirements. We worked together and were able to close the gaps, so he became a customer. Now, over 10 years later, that company still uses DATS, but Samuel has moved on to create a thriving HSE business called Strategic HSE Systems, complete with a host of staff members, and a wide variety of HSE services.
Samuel was the very first 3rd party "Associate" for our DATS software platform. Sometimes his company refers customers to DATS, however, more often than not, Samuel and his team guide customers through the entire management system refinement progress where DATS is just one of the pieces of the puzzle. Either way, we're pleased to be working with Strategic HSE and the customers they bring to DATS.
It's been a great 10+ years Samuel (and gang). All the best for 2022!”
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