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Transportation Compliance Consultant

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Dustin is a Transportation Safety Consultant with a background in law enforcement, transportation inspections/investigations, and National Safety Code (NSC) compliance. 


For over 15 years, he has worked for the Department of Transportation as both an Officer and Investigator, providing him with a deep understanding of legislation, its interpretation, and the appropriate contacts to engage when necessary. He started his career with Alberta Transportation in 2008 as a Transport Officer and later advanced to the role of a Public Safety Investigator in 2014. This includes over 7 years of experience as an NSC Auditor and with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.


Dustin possesses extensive experience in ensuring NSC compliance. This includes providing expertise in the development and implementation of safety and maintenance programs, driver/vehicle files, electronic logging devices (ELDs), hours of service monitoring, and Carrier Profiles.

In 2007, Dustin obtained a college diploma in Policing from Lethbridge College. Subsequently, in 2021, he completed a BPA in Governance, Law, and Management through Athabasca University. Furthermore, he successfully finished the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program at Lethbridge College in 2008 and the Alberta Peace Officer Investigation Program in 2018.

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