Simplify COVID-19 Testing

Time is limited. Staff are busy. Results are critical. Now is when your team needs clear test results, streamlined workflows, simple training, and clear documentation. We are here to address all these needs. As the world looks for ways to address the challenge of COVID-19, Strategic HSE is here to help. 

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We utilize the Canadian Government approved – BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2, for patients suspected of having COVID-19 with a simple to administer point-of-care antigen test that delivers reliable results in 15 minutes.

We offer COVID-19 testing by appointment for individuals and groups at our Peace River office, or we also offer on-site testing at your location.


Please contact us at or call 780.618.7264 for a quote customized to suit your requirements.

Disclaimer: * Anyone with a positive result is strongly recommended to immediately self-isolate as per the Provincial Health Order and receive the standard polymerase chain-reaction test for confirmation with Alberta Health Services.