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Vaccines Roll-out Steady but COVID Cases are Still on the Rise

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

How Two Western Canadian Companies Are Helping Companies to Remain Operational

Vancouver, BC (Aug 5, 2021). While the vaccination roll-out is steady across Canada, COVID-19 cases are on the rise, with it, the possible reinstatement of restrictions. In certain provinces, cases have been increasing faster than in the third wave of the pandemic due to the delta variant. To combat and mitigate the risks, two Western Canadian companies are partnering to do their part, ensuring the businesses can remain open, operational and safe by introducing on-site rapid testing services.

“The vaccines were a higher priority for Health Canada approvals, therefore while rapid tests are effective in other markets, in Canada we are only now getting approvals,” explains Ruby Alcantara, Managing Director of Supivaa Medical, a BC-based, international medical supplier. “Just a few months ago, only three rapid antigen tests were approved. Today several rapid tests have passed Health Canada’s approvals, so we’re extremely pleased to partner with Strategic HSE to provide innovative and accurate tests and implement on-site COVID testing in Western Canada and elsewhere.”

Despite strong vaccination rates across the country, rapid testing is an essential tool in the fight against the pandemic. Vaccination is effective at reducing risk for severe infection, hospitalization and death. However, it does not prevent infections, carrying the virus without symptoms, and transmitting it to others, whether they are vaccinated or not.

“Companies are subject to automatic closures if several positive cases are identified in the workplace, but we have been effective in working with our clients to keep operations open through regular on-site testing,” says Samuel Elkins, Senior Consultant and Owner of Strategic HSE. “This partnership with Supivaa Medical, will ensure that we’re bringing the latest, Health Canada-approved innovations to our clients and that we have a steady, continuous supply of rapid COVID tests available.”

Rapid testing will play an even more important role than ever in an effort to detect those who become asymptomatically infected, and who can transmit the virus to other employees unknowingly. While it varies by province, as low as three to five infections in a workplace will continue to result in automatic closure for 14 days, resulting in lost revenue and workplace insecurity. Regular screening for asymptomatic infections will keep those infected at home, keep them away from others, and keep businesses open.

Since the start of the pandemic, Strategic HSE, an ISO certified specialist and a 30-year veteran in Transportation and Occupational Health & Safety, has administered more than 5,000 rapid antigen tests across various industries with particular deep expertise in the heavy and extractive industries. The company has helped many businesses avoid shutdowns and keep their operations open.

Both companies share a common mission to support Canadian companies in managing the COVID-19 crisis. Active from the very early days of the pandemic, the partners have built on their prior successes and developed their respective expertise to help companies address the current health crisis.

Besides the initial focus on the British Columbia province, both companies look forward to exploring potential synergies in the global markets, where Supivaa Medical has been active through its parent company Supivaa Advisory. Filling the global gaps in the coronavirus response, both companies can look forward to exporting the best of Canadian expertise to various international markets, providing much-needed training and best practices to the local companies and rapid testing administrators.

About Supivaa Medical

Supivaa Medical, as part of Supivaa Advisory Group Ltd, is a Vancouver-based medical supplier, consultant and financier. It holds a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada: MDEL 14827 and works with clients to ensure that products adhere to current local health regulations and guidelines. It provides solutions to help communities and businesses operate safely and securely. As a consultant and financier, it works with medical ventures by providing access to international financing opportunities and advisory on business operations. Supivaa’s global reach spans the globe with clients across all continents and reps based out of the UK, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil and Dubai.

About Strategic HSE

Headquartered in Peace River, Alberta, Strategic HSE Systems Inc. has been a proven service provider to Western Canada since 2010. The company’s services are all-encompassing in the area of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). Its experience spans most industries and includes small companies and large international corporations. It provides services that surpass just the status quo. Unlike other service providers, it prides itself on a practical “hands on” approach to safety that makes the company truly unique.

Media contacts:

Tatyana Von Pannwitz, Supivaa Medical, E:, M: (778) 700-5867

Rylee Armstrong, Strategic HSE,

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