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Article written by: Mark Anderson with Titan GPS - March 20, 2023

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In August 2021, two Canadian-based businesses came together for a common cause. The safety & compliance-based solutions supplier, Strategic HSE, joined forces with fleet management system provider, Titan GPS, to ensure that companies in the transportation sector have complete visibility into daily activity while maintaining health & safety standards. Titan GPS grants customers the location-tracking hardware, and data-collecting software, to oversee field operations (Dash cams, HOS Tracking, GPS data). Strategic HSE injects their wealth of knowledge in transportation and occupational health and safety compliance, maintenance, and training by understanding government policies and regulations.

Strategic HSE’s CEO and Founder, Samuel Elkins, is also a Registered Professional Forest Technologist in Alberta, and through his experience, he’s garnered a deep knowledge of the legal aspects and safety codes within the transportation and forestry industries. So much so, that Strategic HSE has attracted the business of companies like Pineridge Transport, STAT Energy Services, Peace River Transport, Peace River Logging LP, and many more satisfied customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits that Strategic HSE clients enjoy when conducting business throughout Canada.

How Does Strategic HSE Help Carriers Maintain Compliance?

Possessing the “vision to empower [our] clients to operate with confidence in a healthy, safe, productive, and compliant manner,” Strategic HSE has developed a platform for evaluating and maintaining industry standards for carriers in the transportation, delivery, and logging sectors. By evaluating issues with safety analysis, negotiating with government entities, and providing auditing expertise, Samuel and his team yield rave reviews from happy customers industry-wide.

After realizing the potential Strategic HSE had to provide health, safety, and compliance solutions for fleet businesses, Titan GPS knew that customers would see the same benefit from this partnership. With a strong understanding of transportation regulations in Canada, Strategic HSE keeps carriers and drivers compliant with:

  • NSC Carrier Safety and Maintenance Program Development

  • NSC Driver Training Programs

  • Incident Investigations & Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Data Management Including:

  • Truck/Trailer and Driver File Management

  • Monitoring Hours of Service – under both Provincial and Federal legislation.

One of Strategic HSE’s biggest strengths is the ability to create a Safety Management System (SMS) that caters to specific industry standards. They’ve worked with Digital Action Tracking System (DATS) to create economical, user-friendly software that maintains functionality in and out of cellular/satellite service areas. These features alone simplify life for businesses of all sizes, but there are even more advantageous attributes for companies in the transportation industry.

What Else Does Strategic HSE help Titan GPS Customers?

Through a collaborative partnership, customers of the Titan GPS fleet management software automatically unlock a next-level compliance & safety platform from Strategic HSE. For fleets that need help revamping, or creating, their safety and compliance plan, Strategic HSE is here to help with:

  • Building a custom safety management system tailored to your business needs

  • Providing short- and long-term field support to ensure worksite inspections, equipment/vehicle audits, worker safety observations, and incident investigations are conducted swiftly and properly

  • Offering trained staff to complete internal maintenance audits and external COR/SECOR audits

  • Instilling SMS field support with specific industry specialists for inspections, audits, and investigations

  • WCB (Workers Compensation Board) Claim Management: Slice through red tape when submitting injury reports or navigating return-to-work programs for employees and management

On one hand, Titan GPS rides shotgun with commercial drivers to provide location tracking, field operations software, video footage, and Hours of Service tracking. On the other, Strategic HSE ensures that both drivers and carriers have a compliance-based solution to meet occupational standards for employee training and testing. By uniting the two brands, this duo works together to mitigate safety violations, compliance issues, insurance hikes, and incident investigations on the road or on site.

Ready to Learn More?

Regardless of whether your fleet-centric business is just getting started, or it’s growing quickly and needs some additional attention to compliance, safety, and tracking, we’ve got you covered. With the wide array of tools in our shared belt, there’s not much missing for fleets of all sizes. Book a demo with Titan GPS today to learn how Strategic HSE and Titan GPS can improve productivity, encourage safety, and maintain compliance.

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