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Health Testing 

  • Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing 

  • Urine Drug Testing 

  • Breath Alcohol Testing 

  • Emergency/After-Hours Testing 

  • Mobile Drug Testing 

  • Random Drug and Alcohol Testing 

  • Pre-Employment/Access Drug and Alcohol Testing 

  • Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing 

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy Development 

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric Testing.png

We now offer Audiometric Testing at Strategic HSE. With our state-of-the-art Audiometer, we've simplified our Audiometric Testing process to provide accurate and timely results to keep yourself or your employees safe.


Your health and safety are important to us. 

Along with Audiometric Testing, we also offer a Conservation program. With this, we have the ability to track the results of the Audiometric Test on a yearly basis and compare the results to preview years. This will allow us to track and monitor your hearing health and determine if there is a shift in the hearing threshold.

Mobile Testing Unit

With our Mobile Testing Unit, we can come to you! We are proud to be one of the only businesses in Northern Alberta with the capabilities to offer Audiometric Testing at your location. 

Audiometric Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing

The use of illegal drugs, alcohol, medications and other substances can adversely affect job performance, the safety of employees and the people they work with. Employees and contractors are required to report to work in fit mental and physical condition to perform their work. Certain positions held by employees and contractors may be designated as safety-sensitive. Individuals in these positions are required to pass a drug and alcohol test as a condition of certification into the position to maintain their contractual obligations with respect to adhering to company and client policies. Strategic HSE Systems Inc. Occupational Health Testing provides accurate and timely results to support informed decision-making at work, at home, and in the community. 

We offer drug and alcohol testing technologies including oral fluids and urine testing for all your pre-employment, pre-access, reasonable suspicion, and post-incident requirements. Samples are analyzed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) approved labs to ensure gold standard. 


Your drug and alcohol policy sets the stage for a successful fit-for-duty program.

Having a documented drug and alcohol policy provides a framework for dealing with substance abuse, medical conditions, and related stress and fatigue. With a policy in place, your employees know what is expected and what to do to help ensure that your workplace is safe and drug-free.

We have years of experience creating effective drug and alcohol policies designed to fit your drug and alcohol testing program. Before developing a drug and alcohol policy, we help you determine your goals to ensure the policy helps you meet your objectives. Your drug and alcohol policy should include measures for tracking performance. These may include monitoring chances in absence rates, the number of incidents, the number of refusals, etc. By tracking performance, you can clearly show if there is a direct link between substance abuse and incidents and modify your drug and alcohol testing program as needed. 

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